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Pro Series

These bats come from hand split billets and are from the top 10% wood stock. These bats come with a professional ink dot on the handle to measure the slope of the grain along with the logo being cross-grainded.

Pro Models

This is our standard adult line of baseball bats. Sizes will be between 31" and 35" depending on the model. These bats are perfect for the amateur player and come in a variety of different color combinations.

Variety Packs

Our variety packs are our best value deal for the person looking for a few bats. You can mix and match models but we do keep the lengths, colors, and personalization the same on all 3 bats.

High Density Bats

This is where you can find our High Density Birch Bat Models. What does this mean? This means that these bats are going to be the hardest, strongest, and more durable bats around. They're great for high school teams and younger players who need a bat that is going to withstand a beating while still performing at a high level.

Youth Models

These are our youth model bats that range between 27" to 30". These models all have about 2.35" barrels and are not little league bats. These bats will have between a -4 to -6 weight drop unless otherwise specified.



This is where you can find our standard wood softball bat. The barrel diameter is 2.25" and will have between a -4 to -5 weight drop on it. These bats also come with ASA stickers.



This is a standard coaches fungo that we offer in 34" or 35". Whether you're hitting infield or outfield practice we have what you're looking for. The weights on these come in at around 22-23oz which is perfect for the coach who is getting in lots of swings and wants a fungo that holds up well.


This is where you can find your essentials for the every day player. We have the best grip aid available in the Manny Mota Grip Stick as well as premium batting gloves available.