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Baseball's Better With Birch

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Customize Your Experience!

Birch. Better For Bats.

Maple, ash, hickory. Regardless of what's "in" in a given year, birch remains the wood of choice for the discriminating hitter.

Birch is more flexible and fibrous, allowing for superior pop. Birch matches or surpasses its competitors for strength and density. And birch lasts longer, ensuring a long and prosperous career.

Better For The Game.

If you've ever watched a game on TV you've seen the safety concerns of maple bats exploding into multiple pieces scattering players, coaches, and fans. With birch being a more fibrous wood that gets harder over time it's more likely to break in one piece resulting in a safer break.

Better For You.

Add to all the benefits of birch our experienced hands and extensive research and collaboration and what you can expect is, undeniably, a better bat.

But don't take our word for it. Have a look at all birch has to offer.

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